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​If you have any special requirements, please tell us, we will provide you a new program and quotation.


Charger Customized

-1--With precharge, there is a precharge stage before CC stage;

-​2--AC100~132V / 200~264V(adjustable), the AC voltage can be adjusted through a switch to apply to different nations;

-3--DC current adjustable, there is 2 or 3 current stage to be adjusted, you can charge different capacity batterys by different current;

-4--Other case color, now siliver color is default, if you need black or other color, you can tell us;

-5--Other special voltage, current, plug or polarity.


Battery Customized

-1--In addition to the battery specifications published in our store, if you have other specifications and special requirements, you can tell us.


Motor Customized

-1--We can help you order all of AKM motor inner repair parts and some of bafang motor repair parts.

-2--All of AKM motor you need such as the AKM-128H 350W 500W 800W, AKM-128 500W,AKM-128CST,AKM-100CST motor with 20holes, 32Holes, 36holes,different RPM.


KT Parts Customized

-1--Can provide KT 72V 40A 12mosfer 18mosfer sine wave controller or other KT controller. 

-2--More other KT parts or high power controller inquiry, please let us know.


Ebike Accessories Customized

-1--Twist grip throttle, Half Twist throttle with 3pins waterproof connector or fit Bafang BBS01/BBS02/BBS03 mid motor.

-2--Brake lever with 2pins waterproof connector or fit Bafang BBS01/BBS02/BBS03 mid motor.

-3--8PAS ,HWBS with 3pins waterproof connector.

Please kindly note: Those Customized products will need about 2-3weeks prepare, some have MOQ require, so please contact us with more details.

You can send your custom request to us through the store inquiry, or directly write to TBK develop team:, sincerely hope to hear from you, thank you.



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