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A1--Please clean up the cache of web cookies and try again.

A2--Or change the browser and try again.


Q--Why can't I register successfully, why can't I enter my mobile number? And why prompte me that my phone number is less than 6 digits?

A1--Sometimes because system maintenance or your network instability and others, it may cause this situation.

A2--Please contact to us by the website online chat or email, we will assist you to solve the problem and register an account.


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FAQ (All the FAQs are just some of our experience that can make your ebike work better and longer ,only for your reference)


        1.  Q—I do not receive any reply from you?

               A—If you haven't heard from us within 48 hours, please check your junk folder or call us. For reasons unknown our emails are sometimes filtered as spam.

     2. Q--What parts i need if build a new ebike?

        A—Battery, Charger, Motor, Controller, Meter, PAS, Brake, Throttle    


     3. Q—If the battery, controller, meter voltage is different, can work together?

         A-- We do not recommend doing that, because sometimes this will make the whole system work not perfect and it is very easy to make motor,meter or controller damage.


     4. Q—How to choose a controller to fit the motor?

         A—  Normally :

      6mosfets-------15A-18A discharge current, that will fit the 250-350W motor.

      9mosfets------20A-22A discharge current, that will fit the 450-500W motor.

      12mosfets-----25A discharge current, that will fit the 450W-500W motor.

      30A-35A discharge current, that will fit the 700-800W motor.

      35A-40A discharge current, that will fit the 1000W motor.


     5. Q—How to choose a battery to fit the motor?(depend on the battery cells, BMS and motor power)

         A—  Normal 18650 batteryBMS :15-30A—motor 250W-350W

         Normal 18650 batteryBMS:20-40A—motor 350-500W (When the motor is 500W, please do not use it over     load or on steep slopes, it will more good to protect the battery and BMS)

        A1— 5C Rate High Power Polymer Cells—BMS:30-60A—motor 500-750W

                 5C Rate High Power Polymer Cells—BMS:50-100A—motor 750-1200W

        P.S.—For the normal 18650 cells we do not recommend using BMS discharge current over 20-40A


      6.  Q—Delivery Time?

           A—The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of   your order.  Orders with chargers     or battery pack—we need about 5-7working days to produce.

           Orders without chargers or battery pack—we will delivery your order in 2- 3working days.

      P.S.—your order has any questions, we will contact you timely, please pay attention to view the email.


     7. Q—Warranty?

         A—We provide 1-years warranty for motor, one year warranty for other parts.


      8.  Q—Should we need to pay the tax?

           A—Yes sure, every country will with different tax rules.

          We can help you make a low-value invoice to help you clearing Customs   and pay the lower taxes, but you have to agree to bear the risks. Just email us if you need it.



      9. Q—Do you accept Paypal?

          A—Yes,we accept Paypal. Besides, we offer bank transfer and Alipay



       10. Q—If I have a bulk order, can I get the bulk price?

           A—Yes sure, please contact us if you have bulk order, we will supply you the best price.



       11. Q—How fast will it go?(what is the motor speed?)

            A—The speed would be decided by the motor power, controller and battery spec.

            Also it will depend on the loading, road condition and etc.

            Normally 250W-350W motor, speed is about 25-30km/h.

            500W is about 35km/h,750W-1000W is about 40km/h, only for your     reference.



        12. Q—Can i use our own shipping agent?

              A—Yes, you can, just contact us before you make a order.


         13.  Q—How to get the warranty?

             A—Usually we will test all the products before send them out to make sure all the parts work well. Of course, any kit product may have problem we only need the parts no. pictures and detailed description to apply  warranty for small parts and small quantity, and once we confirm the products has quality problem, will send you the replacements(we have the right to call back the broken parts to test.)


        14.  Q—What is the cycle life of the battery?

               A—Li-ion battery is about 800 cycles,LiFePo4 is about 2000 cycles.


        15.  Q—Which charger will suitable for my battery?

               A—Normally Li-ion and LiFeP04 battery full charge time we suggest about 3-4hours,and Lead acid battery is about 8-10hours.

               1.Battery charge current=capacity/charge time, for example,

               A 48V20Ah li-ion battery, that charger can choose48V5A (20/4=5A)


               2.Charge voltage: Li-ion=4.2* battery in series

               LiFePo4=3.65* battery in series

               Lead acid=14.7* battery in series


All type of batteries we do not recommend fast charge.


        16.  Q—Do you have charger can adjust the voltage or current?

               A—Yes sure, if you do not find this charger from our website, please   email us your require, we will try our best to customer-made this charger for you.  



        17.  Q—when the products I need do not show on the website store, how     should I do ?

               A—If the products you need do not show on our website store , please contact our live service or email us.