3 Batteries Discharge Converter For E-bike 30A/40A Three Batteries Pack Switch Balancer 24-72VDC
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3 Batteries Discharge Converter For E-bike 30A/40A Three Batteries Pack Switch Balancer 24-72VDC


2--Voltage:20V-72V(max 72V,if full charge 84V not fit)

3--Cable Length:100mm including plug

4--Both battery discharge at the same time

5--30A/40A Input XT60H Male,output XT60H Female(if you need other plug,please leave message when you make a order)

6--Three Batteries Capacity can be different, But Batteries Voltage and battery type must need same.
7--30A: For 250W-700W Motor
8--40A: For 750W-1200W Motor
Note:Option With Charge Funtion,Batteries BMS must need common port of charge and discharge,Separate port please choose without charge funtion
30A-40A,total max Charge current 5A

Note!!!Not Applicable:
All ebike/Electric scooters and equipment with regenerative Braking not applicable,Inverters are also not applicable,if the above models are used, please don't place an order, otherwise any issues arising from this will be the responsibility of the buyer.
Two motors or two controllers not fit converter,Please don't buy converter to fit it;   
If converter is changed to multiple plugs to match multiple controllers and multiple batteries, resulting in the converter burning out or your own battery,controller burning out, it will not be within our after-sales scope, and all losses resulting from it will be borne by the customer!!!
A--Electric Bicycle Ebike Three Battery Connection Adapter Increase Battery Capacity
The three batteries connected in parallel for additional capacity and range, and the switcher can manage the two batteries on your bike.
B--Support two batteries to simultaneously supply power to your electric bicycle intelligently and balancedly.
C--Do not confuse the positive and negative connectors on the three battery switch. Make sure that the power of both batteries is turned off before connecting.


Three Battery Balance Discharger can manage three battery packs which fixed on your bike, low power,Consumption design ,real-time detect the voltage of three battery packs, Battery on-line check .This module can make three batteries to discharge together to power the ebike , it will auto compare thevoltage of each battery and adjust the current output for each battery.

Working  Process:

1--MCU monitor voltage of three batteries in real time and send the volatage valueby UART if UART interface is available

2--Auto Battery on-line detecting. Switch to the battery and make power outputif only one battery was connected with this module.

3--If the voltage of three batteries is not same, one is lower and other is higher ,module will use the battery with higher voltage to discharge first till twobatteries voltage approaching similar

4--Three batteries will discharge together when two batteries voltage is similar.

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