Ebike EN06 Display Suitable For Bafang Center Motor
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Ebike EN06 Display Suitable For Bafang Center Motor

1--Material: PVC, Copper, ABS

2--Color: Black

3--Weight: Approx. 73g / 2.6oz

4--Voltage: Compatible with 24V 36V 48V Voltage


This is not bafang original display, but suitable for bafang BBS/G330/G510 Motor



P01: Backlight Brightness (1: darkest; 3: brightest)
P02: Mileage Unit (0: KM; 1: MILE)
P03: Voltage Class 24V/36V / 48V
P04: Auto-Sleep Time: (0: never, other valuemeansdisplaysleep interval) Unit: minute
P05: Power Assist Gear
0/3 Gear Mode: Gear 1: 2V, Gear 2: 3V, Gear 3: 4V
1/5 Gear Mode: Gear 1: 2V, Gear 2: 2.5V, Gear 3: 4V, Gear 4: 3.5V, Gear 5: 4V
P06: Wheel Diameter Unit: inch Precision: 0.1
P07: Magnet Steel Number (for Speed Test) Range: 1-100
P08: Speed Limit: Range: 0-50km/h, parameter 50 indicates no speed limit.
P09: Direct Start / Kick-to-Start Setting
0: Direct Start
1: Kick-to-Start
P10: Drive Mode Setting
0: Power Assist - The specific gear of the assist drive decides the assist power value. In this status the handlebar does not work.
1: Throttle Mode - The vehicle is driven by the handlebar. In this status the power gear does not work.
2: Power Assist + Throttle - Electric drive does not work in zero-start status.
P11: Power Assist Intensity Range: 0-5
P12: Power Magnet Steel Number: 5 / 8 / 12pcs
P13: Current Limit Value: 12A by default; Range: 1-20A
P14:Under-voltage:Choose according to your set
P15: ODO Zero-Out


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