Thumb Throttle with LCD Digital Battery Voltage Display and Power Switch
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Thumb Throttle with LCD Digital Battery Voltage Display and Power Switch

Products Specification:

1-Length: 2M

2-Work Voltage: DC 0.8V-42.V

3-With Power Lock



1-Suitable for all of Lithium battery, LiFePo4 battery and Lead acid battery.

2-Battery 12V-84V automatically Identify, Throttle DC 0.8-4.2V

3-Digital voltage display, intuitive and accurate judgment of remaining capacity, mileage.

4-Can indicate vehicle error according to voltage



Wire: (Please connect according to controller function wire, you can’t just match same color wire, if wrong connected that will damage your controller and throttle)

3wires: Green—Hall signal; Red—Throttle +5V; Black—Negative Wire

4wires: same 3wires, Yellow (voltage display wire)—Power Positive

5wires: same 4wires, Blue—Power lock wire output

6wires: same 3wires, Blue and White (function wire) — (can work as reverse switch, horn switch, cruise switch, power lock and so on) 

7wires: same 4wires, Blue—Share Wire, middle three speed switch; White—High three speed switch; Brown—Low three speed switch

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