Green Backlit LCD Display Battery Capacity Voltage Meter Test Voltmeter Monitor
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LCD Display Battery Capacity Indicator Digital Voltmeter Voltage Tester Monitor


1--Battery capacity and voltage meter.

2--LCD screen with green backlit.

3--Long service life button with comfortable hand feeling.

4--Equipped with a PVC film, the surface is waterproof.

5--Built with buckle, free of screw installation.

6--Universal battery capacity meter, need to set up by yourself.

7--Suitable for lead-acid 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V (can be changes via key)

    Suitable for 3.7V lithium series multi-platform,3S,4S,5S,6S,7S,8S,9S,10S,11S,12S,13S,14S,15S



1--Manually switch battery percentage /  voltage / power off

2--Automatic recycling display battery capacity / voltage per 2 seconds (Settable)

3--10s delay auto off (Settable)

4--Double discharge curve selection (Settable)



Color: Black

Material: HTN / PCB

Weight: 18g

Size: Approx. 61.3 * 33.3 * 13.5 / 2.4 * 1.3 * 0.5in

Voltage: 6-70 (V)

Applicable scope: Battery or battery equipment

Storage temperature: -10 ~ 50℃


Setting Instruction:

1. Long press the Set key, power supply to the product, enter the setup interface

2. Press the Set key to select the battery specification (Lead acid battery(P), Lithium battery (L), Fe battery(F))

3. Short press the Function key to select the number of battery strings (increasing for set button, decreasing for function button)

4. Long press the Function key to set s mode.


Code: Suitable for

L3: 3 string lithium

L4: 4 string lithium

L5: 5 string lithium

L6: 6 string lithium

L7: 7 string lithium

L8: 8 string lithium

L9: 9 string lithium

L10: 10 string lithium

L11: 11 string lithium

L12: 12 string lithium

L13: 13 string lithium

L14: 14 string lithium

P12V: 12V lead-acid

P24V: 24V lead-acid

P36V: 36V lead-acid


P48V: 48V lead-acid

Package List:

1 x Battery Capacity Voltage Meter with Connecting Cable

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