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10S/13S Polly battery case or SM01 BMS 20-40A Li-ion BMS
  • Model: 10S/13S Li-ion BMS Polly Case
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10S/13S Polly battery case BMS 20-40A Li-ion BMS


1--Balance cable included.

2--With Power on/off switch

3--Can fit the Polly case or SM01 Battery case.

4--With Balance

5--Discharge current:20A

6--Max Charge current:5A



Voltage  Balancing                    Voltage                            4.20±0.025V

Current  Balancing                    Current                            each cell   67±5mA

Static Current-each cell                                                    ≤100µA

Maximum Charge Current                                                 5A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current                          20A


Charging Over Voltage Protection - each cell      

Charging Over Voltage Protection Detecting                    4.250±0.025V

Charging Over Voltage Detecting Delay Time                   0.5S-2S

Charging Over Voltage Protection Release                       4.1±0.025V


Discharge Under Voltage Protection - each cell 

Discharge Under Voltage Protection Detecting                 2.750±0.1V

Discharge Under Voltage Protection Delay Time               50mS - 200mS

Discharge Under Voltage Protection Release                    3.0±0.1V


Over Current Protection  

Over Current Detection Voltage                                       100±25mV

Over Current Detection                                                     80±10A

Over Current Detection Delay Time                                   5mS - 60mS

Over Current Protection Release                            To disconnect load and recover automatically


Short Circuit Protection   

Short Circuit Protection Delay Time                                200µs - 800µs

Short Circuit Protection Release                To remove the short circuit and recover automatically

Impedance   Protection Circuit(Mosfets)                       ≤20mΩ

Temperature Working Temperature                                -40°C - +70 °C

Storage Temperature                                                     -40°C - +125 °C


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